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Thank You

It feels like forever since we've been friends
I hope our friendship is one that never ends
We've done so many things side by side
And seen so many places, we've even 'flied'!
Sure, we've had our fights,tiffs, and bouts
but our relationship is something i would never doubt
We talk about everything, weird stuff no one would understand
And if you're ever in trouble, you know i'll be there to lend a hand
Everything from removable lip rings, to drew's cream puffs From million dollar ferris wheels and ice cream that's 'just enough' We talk about our future, about college at penn state You're definatley someone to whom i can relate
No matter where life takes me, i hope we'll still be buds
So tell me tell you: if you're ever down the mud
And need someone to help you out, you know who to turn to
To the girl who's like my sister, i'd like to say 'thank you'
Thank you for always understanding Thank you for putting up with my endless rants and complaing Thank you for being there when no one else was around Thank you for picking me up when i'm down
You've always been there when i needed you
So always know I'll be there for you through and through