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Once again the school year
Is coming to an end
A year filled with much change
So here is a letter to all my friends
With thanks and regrets
And thoughts of friendships we must mend
Throughout the years
We have ripped in separation
With struggling and growing apart
At times of confusion and frustration
Some of us have grown together
And been each others salvation
Most of you will always remain
Even though ties may weaken with time
Ties will never break as they are joined
By our shared smiles and pain left behind
Times of laughter and tears
---good friends are hard to find
I hope never to know
What life is without you
For you are all my light in darkness
The consoler when I'm blue
You will never truly know
How much for me you really do
You are there when I need a smile
To diminish all of the pain
A day of summer in the coldest winter
When I'm in trouble, you take the blame
To these great times we'll always refer
But all the times will never remain the same
You make me laugh when life really sucks
You're there to wipe away my tears
When you are by my side
You diminish my fears
It means so much
Just to know that you're near
You're there to bring
Words of encouragement and hope
It's the simple things
That make it easier to cope
Life will go on and all will be fine
Move on, and on the pain and hard things don't dote
No matter what, remember your dreams
And make them real along the way
You've helped me so much 
To get through each and every day
To satisfy the thanks you deserve
I'm not sure what to say
If I were to wake tomorrow
And for some reason you were all gone
Even with the memories
I would rather not wake another dawn
I think I'd rather no life at all
Than a life alone-it'd be so hard to go on.
You've put up with my groans and complaints
And pick me up if should I fall 
Everything always seems better
Just knowing of the friends I can call
Thinking of the times we've had
Makes me want to bawl
So let the days continue
Full of smiles and hugs 
Always remember to lend a hand
And spread a little love
Thank you again
Surely, you were all sent from up above