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Not Seen But Felt

You cannot see pain nor happiness, Only smiles and tears. You canít see wind, Only the leaves of the trees rustling. All these things cannot be seen but felt.
You can feel the happiness
But just canít explain it.
There is a spring to your step
And a joy deep down in your heart.
The pain is felt as a deep ache inside you.
As the tears make waterfalls down your cheek
You donít understand why the pain was given to you.
And you wish it would go away
The wind is felt blowing against your face.
It blows through your hair,
It makes the violent storms
And causes the trees to rustle and make wind chimes ring
You canít see friendship
Only the smiles and tears that it may bring.
Each day you donít know what fights or joys your friends may share.
You wake up hoping for the best
You canít see evil or hatred
Only the crimes committed and the lives taken.
We wait each and every day for the bad news.
Waiting to find out what crime has made the world more evil.
I donít understand why things are this way
It should be these joys we shall cherish at the sight
And all the bad that we can watch out for
Why are all these things not seen yet we know they are there?