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Sometimes in life there are those people that you just canít tolerate, Those people that share with you nasty debates. Some people in life are just annoying They feel your life and head need some toying.
These are the people that make your life full of stress
Bring you down even when youíre at your best.
They insult you and torture you 
Thereís no end and nothing to do.
Insulting them back causes a spiraling effect
It all keeps adding up just like debt
Even though some people refuse to admit it, words hurt
They put you down and bring you down to the level of dirt.
Why canít people just get along?
Why donít peace and kindness last long?
Somethingís wrong with this world of ours
For some reason standing up for someone makes you a coward
So next time you watch a person being insulted,
Stand up for them because no one deserves it.
Youíll be thankful when that person is you
And the brave soul steps in knowing what to do
The worst person of all is the one causing the hurt
Often another thatís hurt, but doing the reverse.
Saying the words that can scar forever
Being the one who feels their insults are clever.
Itís a game thatís gone too far
Give it up and raise the respect bar.
Give the respect and get it in return
And this world of ours just might finally learn.