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Without You

There are those people throughout life who mean so much
They have brought to your life an unforgettable touch
You canít go a day without speaking 
It seems you may have found that which youíve been seeking

They bring to your life many smiles and laughs
And at the same time cut your sorrows in half
They cheer you up when youíre down
And have the ability to instantly wipe away a frown

These people mean so much to you
Without them, what would you do?
Together many memories have been shared
And in each and every one, it shows how much they care.

So I guess I must say how much you really mean to  me,
Youíre one of these people, if you didnít see.
You make me smile whenever youíre near,
You have the ability to instantly diminish a tear.

You make me so happy too,
So to sum it all up, thanks so much for just being you.
Cause without you I donít know what Iíd do. 
Without You 
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This poem was originally written for someone, but as time went on the feelings weren't there anymore.  I guess now I still feel this way but about a different person, and it can apply to friends as well.